New Presentation, New Website gone live!

Over the past decade, Kaufman Strategic Advisors has accurately predicted the consolidation of health systems, the exponential increase in physician employment, and the downsizing of the healthcare workforce. Our updated presentation provides new predictions and sequential strategies to optimize a health system’s performance during these turbulent times.

Our updated presentation: A Crucial Conversation About Healthcare Acquired Inflections (LINK here) includes predictions such as:

  • The expansion of tiered networks and reference pricing
  • A significant decline in inpatient utilization
  • The establishment of regional centers of excellence through competitive bidding
  • The failure of the MSSP ACO program
  • Financial crises for many of the health systems that attempt to take risk
  • Exponential growth in virtual medicine, and
  • The need to restructure most health system-employed medical groups.

The presentation includes 20  strategies and tactics that have been proven to contribute to the success of your organization during these turbulent times.

We have also gone live with our new website. I recommend the newest publication on my website highlighting a Q&A piece published by the StuderGroup inHARDWIRED Results ~ Issue 5"Stop the Red Ink - Reversing the Trend on Losses from Physician Group Practices, Quint Studer: Q&A with Nate Kaufman." If you are interested in receiving this newsletter, please fill out our subscription form (LINK here).

We look forward to hearing from you. ~ N8