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April 2014 - I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to present at the Hospital retreat this past Saturday. It was wonderful to hear your perspective on where the industry is moving and to get your thoughtful advice on a few areas to focus on.  Given the Hospital’s strategic context, we’ve had lots of speakers and consultants at retreats and meetings through the years, but I found your presentation most relevant. Some have prescribed for us to be the “Uber of Healthcare,” which is challenging for a small community hospital, while others have told us to go direct to consumers, which is a hurdle when we don’t have a medical group or care management capabilities. Your advice for us to start somewhere and start working with our physicians to reduce clinical variation while creating an economic vehicle (e.g. bundled payment or next-generation ACO) seemed to resonate with the group.  Many thanks again for the thoughtful presentation.                                                               ~  A Chicago Group   

March 2017 - Thank you so much for speaking to our Forum members last week.  Thus far, all the individual comments I received said you were right on target.  Healthcare has always been complex, but it just seems to get more complicated.  But, thanks for pointing out that we can still influence as orthopedic groups.  Your humor and insightful examples just add to your effectiveness as a speaker and again, thanks for your time.   It was a great way to lay the groundwork for the rest of our meeting.                                                                                       ~ CEO, Southeast Forum

February  2017 - As always you were great, and our trustees were most impressed.                           ~ Executive Vice President, XXX Healthcare

Nov 2015 - I want to officially express my gratitude to you for making yourself available for the SCMG annual meeting. Your talk was excellent- on point, understandable, and educational for the audience.  We are extremely lucky to have you as an advisor.               ~ Medical Group President

We’re thankful for all Nate's time, assistance and advice over the years – as I know he was very involved with the health system, especially as it related to the acquisition.  I value his feedback as he has brought a wealth of experience as we move forward with our population health focus.                                                                                                  ~ President;   Tertiary Care Health System in North East

We just heard Nathan Kaufman speak at our leadership group this morning. A very powerful speaker that I wish all the care coordinators in the system could have heard. He spoke about the upcoming changes in Medicare and Managed Care reimbursement, changes required to maintain a positive financial and quality bottom line, and the importance of aggressive case management in achieving both these goals. Jim is going to email his presentation to our leadership group. I would like to share it with you. I don’t easily get impressed with speakers but this guy had a message that everyone should hear.                                                                                   ~ Department Manager; 250 Med Medical Center in the South West

We just finished our meeting with the finance committee. They are in favor of agreeing to the rates. They were very surprised at the negotiations coming about so quickly. I really think that BCBS realizes that it would be very unfavorable to lose a provider at this time, as well as the risk of losing physician providers. Our goal was to get 35% increase in overall payments. After modeling the rates, our calculations show that we would get a 30% increase. On a rate basis, t puts us at 174% of Medicare (we stared out at 133% of Medicare). Thank you for your help.                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Executive V.P. of Finance; 231 bed Medical Center in the South